I wanted to put up a page for all the gear heads like myself.  I love helping people find the gear that helps them achieve the “voice” they want on the stage and in the studio. This is my current collection of guitar gear. It is constantly changing so I will keep it up to date as often as possible. Take a look through and feel free to contact me with any questions about anything you see. Enjoy.



Here’s my small Pedalboard. The board itself is created by Dullen Customs and is made of purple heart wood. I have been playing out with this board pretty often recently and it has proven to really be a powerhouse of a setup.


On this board are the following.

T1M Modded VP JR. – Walrus Audio Deep Six – TC Polytune 2 – EQD Organizer – Ibanez Mini Tube Screamer – Boss DD-5 controlled by T1M Tap – Boss Blues Driver – Luther Drive – Electro Harmonix Memory Boy.

The Blues driver is my low gain drive. Mini tube screamer is 2nd stage. Luther Drive is 3rd stage. I use the organizer as a dirty high octave booster. The Memory Boy is for an added ambiance to sit below what the DD-5 is doing.


Big Board

This board changes often. My current pedal chain and the chain pictured goes as follows.

Input – Modded T1M VP Jr. -> Tuner out to Mini Polytune -> Idiotbox Effects Ron Swanson Super Fuzz -> Xotic SP Compressor -> Boss PS-5 Super Shifter -> T1M Pearl -> T1M Original 15 Protodrive -> Fulltone OCD -> Xotic BB Preamp -> Walrus Audio Bellweather -> Boss DD-20 -> Strymon Flint -> Boss RV-5 -> Output



More coming soon…


Jackson Scarlett 30


This is Jackson’s take on a Vox AC 30. It is my primary amp for playing live and the amp I record with most. Its the first Jackson I ever acquired and has always been one of my favorite amps. I have it paired with a Celestial Alnico Gold speaker. Needless to say it gets plenty of use.

Jackson Britain 30

Britain 30

This is another British voiced amp by Jackson. Great amp with a ton of low and high end to offer. It is paired with a Celestian Creamback. I got this amp off Sage Greer guitarist for Elevation Church.

Fender (Bill M Modded) Blues Jr. (Modded by Mannella Guitars)


I use this amp just as often as my Jacksons. Its modded with most of the things offered in “Bill M Mods”.  This amp offers a unique sound that mixes a Fender tweed sound perfectly with a chimney “Vox” sound. It also gets crazy loud if you need it to.

1950 Valco Oahu 20W Amp


This amp was passed down to me from my wife’s Grandfather. He had an incredible love for music that I was never able to experience as he passed before I got to meet him. I’m thankful to own this piece of his history. Best sounding amp I have ever heard. I never play out with it because it still has all the original tubes in it and I want to preserve that original sound as long as possible.


2009 Duesenberg Starplayer TV


A true workhorse. It does everything I need and more. A very versatile guitar that covers a vast array of sounds. The craftsmanship is top of the line. Loaded with a Duesenberg Domino P-90 in the neck position and a Duesenberg humbucker in the tail position. Semi-hollow body with a block down the center.

2006 Gibson Les Paul Studio

les paul

This is the first guitar I ever played live. It was gifted to me by my parents in order to give me the extra push to start playing in church. I love it to death. Loaded with Porter H-90’s in the neck & tail. Everything else is completely stock.

2012 Fender American Standard Telecaster


First year Fender put a tummy cut in their american standard. I love it and so does my tummy. Gives me that classic tele sound. Not much more to say on this one.

2012 Gretsch 6119 Chet Atkins Tennessee Rose


Full hollow body guitar. Great big sound. Obviously it gets a ton of use. Brings a very unique sound to the table unlike any other guitar I’ve played while still offering a very balanced sound.

2014 Taylor 416ce


My acoustic. I sat in a room full of acoustics for about 4 hours to find this one. Had no preference to what I was getting. Originally went into the store for a Gibson J-45 but didn’t love the sound of the one I picked up. I almost left the store when I turned around to see this guitar and I loved the way the front of the body looked. I picked it up and immediately fell in love. People can argue about Martin v. Taylor all they want. I could care less. All I know is I picked this guitar up and fell in love.

Early 2000’s Epiphone Dot (335)


This is the first guitar I ever bought with my own money. I have Gibson 57 classics installed in it and it plays like a dream for something that cost me $200.

2014 Squire Vintage Modified Jaguar


For a $300 guitar, this thing is fantastic. Its a great base to build from and I love the sound it puts out. It has been modified with Seymour Duncan Antiquity II pickups that compliment the point of the original build of this guitar. They were designed to replicate the first Jaguar released by fender. It was important to me that I upgraded it with pickups that keep that goal in mind.

2007 Fender Standard Stratocaster


Never been much of a strat guy but picked up this guitar and loved it. Such a versatile guitar. After some research I found out this guitar was built with repurposed 70’s parts and electronics pulled out of an old abandoned fender shop. Its pretty cool because I started out by wanting this exact guitar finish with a rosewood fretboard and waited a year for one to pop up in a price range I was willing to pay for. One ended up showing up at my local music shop with a case and strap. The vintage fender parts were just a bonus.