Worship Music Directing Community

Over the course of the last year, I’ve become somewhat active in multiple different Facebook groups for worship leaders & church musicians. In this time, I’ve been surprised by how many posts there are asking the same questions. Simple questions like, “what key should I sing this song in”, or “what are some good songs that focus on the heart of God”. It seemed like every time I looked at one of these groups, a similar question was being asked. This showed me that many people are looking for guidance when it comes to worship leading.

If there are 20,000+ people in a group asking questions and seeking to learn more about their craft, there must be a few music directors like myself that have some questions, or desire to get better at their craft. Right? Continue reading “Worship Music Directing Community”

Serving the Moment

the heart of God.

If you’ve been serving in worship ministry for any length of time, you’ve experienced what God can do when we trust him to move in our services. Watching how the holy spirit moves during a time of worship can be the most fulfilling thing. We all strive for this atmosphere in our churches every week.

Sometimes these moments are more powerful than others. When we do our part to be ready for them, the potential for greatness increases dramatically. But how do we prepare for them? How to we know when they’re happening? And how do we respond to what God is doing in the room? Continue reading “Serving the Moment”