Serving the Moment

the heart of God.

If you’ve been serving in worship ministry for any length of time, you’ve experienced what God can do when we trust him to move in our services. Watching how the holy spirit moves during a time of worship can be the most fulfilling thing. We all strive for this atmosphere in our churches every week.

Sometimes these moments are more powerful than others. When we do our part to be ready for them, the potential for greatness increases dramatically. But how do we prepare for them? How to we know when they’re happening? And how do we respond to what God is doing in the room?


In order to be aware of what God is doing, you first need to be familiar with his character. Spend time with him and get to know how he works in your services. Learn how he works through you in your day to day life. The closer we get to Jesus, the more we understand the heart of God. When we’re in tune with God’s heart, its easier for us to recognize when he’s working in our lives and the lives of others.

Read the Room

When we’re in the middle of leading worship, how do we know that a powerful moment is taking place? We have a lot going on between playing our instrument, being aware of what’s coming next in the song, and singing. If we’re not paying close attention, we can miss it.  We need to look up and connect with the congregation. Connect with different individual’s in the room and witness how God is working in them in that very moment. Connecting on a spiritual level with the people you’re serving is one of the best ways to understand how God is moving in your service.


Once you’ve seen what he’s doing, it’s time to respond to what’s happening.  Connect with your team and get a feel for the direction the band is moving dynamically.  A band that is in sync with one another is a powerful force. Be aware of what everyone is playing and add to it in a way that compliments what others are are doing.

Obviously we have a task of completing the song but that doesn’t mean we need to make it the same “point A to point B” experience every time. If God is moving in the room during the bridge of a song, but you just completed the whole song and you feel like God still has some work to do, take a moment to revisit that bridge with your congregation. Give the holy spirit room to move in your services and you will see the power of God working in your church.

Sometimes these worship moments change dynamics quickly. At my church, we call this “riding the wave”. Be ready to change what you’re playing to match the dynamic of the rest of the band. If space needs filled, tastefully fill that space. If things are getting busy, pull back and simplify what you’re playing. If your band is building, build with confidence and power. Always be ready to alter what you’re playing to better serve what is happening in the room.

God works in our services every week but we can miss it of we aren’t intentionally seeking him out in our praise. This week while you’re on the stage, look out at your congregation and minister to individuals. Lift your eyes to see what God is doing in your church and respond to it. We would be amazed at how the holy spirit moves each week in our church if we were ready for it. Don’t miss those moments this week. Identify them and respond to them.

God wants to do so much more in your church than you could ever ask for. Believe for him to do it!

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