Why Your Church Needs a Music Director

don’t miss “the moment”

You’re playing through the final chorus of your church’s favorite song. Usually you’d bring it down at the end but the congregation is worshiping powerfully and you know God isn’t done with this moment yet. You take a step back in between lyric lines and signal to your drummer to go back in to the bridge.

You sing out the last few words of the chorus very strong and prepare to keep things going. You take it up to 11 and really power into your churches favorite bridge. Anddd….. the band ends the song… But you’re still going and man are you ever committed. You’re already 4 words into the bridge and strumming your acoustic guitar like you’re trying to kill it. Sometimes these “failed” moments can be powerful but the way this one unfolded it was far from powerful. Powerfully awkward is more like it.

What happened?

There was a breakdown in communication.

Your team is great. Its not their fault. You’re great. Its not your fault. It just so happens the drummer wasn’t paying attention when you made a call. And its not his fault either. Its probably the 50th time he’s played this song and you have never gone back into that bridge.

I know… you know where I’m going with this… “Every church needs a Music Director.”

That’s not what I’m saying.

But what I will say is that I believe that moment was supposed to happen. You were sure of it. God was taking your church somewhere.

If a leader on your team was specifically designated to communicate your vision through a microphone to the team, that moment would have come to fruition. Everyone on your team would have been on the same page. Your church would have been blessed by it. You would have been blessed by it. Your team would have been blessed by it.


So, why incorporate a Music Director?

1. You have more control over your services.

I KNOW. God is in control. I know…
But if we choose to treat that statement as an excuse to why we don’t need an MD we’re missing the point. Your team is far more capable of what they’re achieving today. Give them the tools to achieve more.

2. Your team will hesitate less during new songs.

A MD is responsible for being your “guide” during newer songs. They count in each section so that your team can play with more confidence when they’re less familiar with a song. Power can not be displayed when there is a lack of confidence throughout your team. A MD combats that lack of confidence.

3. You’re less likely to “miss the moment”.

Here’s where I want to spend the most time.
This is the part that matters most. God has a plan for your services. Your MD should be someone who is constantly aware. Who’s looking for those moments. Who’s looking to you for those moments when you sense them.

When you have someone you trust to be your “lookout” you are less likely to miss the moments where God wants to take your service from to ordinary supernatural. It could be something as simple as a drums only chorus out of the bridge. Or my personal favorite: Bringing a bridge all the way down at the beginning to just keys and building it up through the roof.

These moments bring a fresh outlook to your congregation. Your congregation gets used to the way you play these songs. It opens their eyes back up when something changes. There’s a lot of power in those unique moments. They allow God to do something different in their hearts. These are the moments that we live for as worship leaders. Why miss another one because of a lack of communication?

Lets get personal for a minute…

1. Do you choose not to implement a MD because you don’t have someone on your team that would do the job well?

If you don’t… are you in the process of raising a person up to lead? You won’t be around forever. Its important to be bringing up a leader under you. Is this person someone who could step into the MD role?

2. Do you choose not to implement a MD because it takes control away from you?

If this is part of the reason, I would encourage you to seek God on that. Sometimes its important to give others control. Sometimes when we do, it allows us to do even better things.

We all have ways we can improve. Maybe adding a MD is the way your team can improve. Maybe your team is not at that point yet.

One thing is for sure. We all want our teams to be the best they can be.

Adding a MD to your team is a proven solution when it comes to a teams togetherness and confidence. Don’t shy away from change. It could be exactly what your team needs to go to the next level.

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